Looking for the best building and construction materials for your Project?

Applications of Building Materials

Metal Roofing

Wide array of metal roofing materials which are different in properties that affect durability and appearance.


The materials used for facades set the tone for the building and has an impact on the overall energy efficiency.

Interior Decor

We manufacture high quality metals and alloys that are capable of mimicking modern objects, finishes and architectural features.


We manufacture a range of thermal blankets and heat shields that encapsulate the insulation material between metallic foils.


Refractory metals are characterized by their extremely high melting points, which range well above those of iron, cobalt, and nickel.


At Asia Technic, we provide a wide array of materials for multiple applications.

Why us?

Certified Experience

Our years of industry experience allow our clients a peace of mind on the quality of the final products.

Competitive Pricing

Our in-house manufacturing process and strong partnerships with overseas suppliers ensures our prices are competitive.

Great Support

Our strong network of accredited engineers and technical advisers are available to provide technical support.

Our Building Systems

Awards and Certifications

Here are some awards and certifications we have accumulated over the years.

SGS cert
ISO award
IMR Test
TUV cert