Roll Cap Standing Seam Roofing System

AT-RC Roll Cap Standing Seam Roofing System

The flexible tile reflects the traditional European building style, especially intended for villas, resort villages and various landscape buildings, with good adaptation for flat or two directions roofing,



The system features linear layout and embodiment of traditional China architectural styles, intended for tower, temple, museum and other ancient styles. Aluminum, titanium, copper, etc. can be applied with ancient style color to achieve the design intent with longevity of more than 100 years.


System parameters:

Material: Aluminum alloy, Titanium or customized / 0.7mm ~ 0.8mm

Profile width: 300mm ~ 530mm

Seam height: 50mm

Dead load: Appr. 20 ~ 35 kg/m2

Space of C purlin: less than 1.5m

Pitch of roof: min 3 degree


Material Options: Titanium, copper, aluminum alloy

Roll Cap Standing Seam Roofing System